How to Find a Part-Time Job

How to Find a Part-Time Job

Most international students are interested in part-time jobs. This is one way to cover their living expenses. This article will give you some tips on how to find a part-time job.When working part-time, always try to balance work and education. Also, if you are looking for a part-time job, it is very important to develop a language skills.Students in the areas of Software Engineering and Information Technology are well paid for part time jobs.

How to Get a Part Time Jobs?

  • First, check to see if you are allowed to part time job on your visa.
  • Build relationships with people you think can help you find a part-time job.
  • Select the field where you can work part-time and use the appropriate approach.
  • You can find many part time jobs through internet searches.
  • There are many part-time jobs that do not have internet content. When recruiting employees to the relevant workplace, in charge of work place must meet and get the job. Check to see if you are allowed to part time job on your visa; There are clear limits on a student visa. Before you find a part-time job, make sure you are licensed in find a part-time job in you staing country. If you need more information, check the Visa conditions page on the Department of Home Affairs website.
  • Build relationships with people you think can help you find a part-time job; Probably the most important is your activism. There is a service in your school or university to help you students who are looking for part-time jobs. Further information can be obtained from the Student Services Office.
  • Tell the friends that you are looking for a part-time job. In addition, check web sites designed for part-time job seekers.
    Apply for as many jobs as you can. While waiting for the answer, you can call the recruiter directly to show that you really like the job. The telephone conversation will give him and you a chance to feel good.

Select the field where you can work part-time and use the appropriate approach

There are several types of part-time jobs. Hospitality jobs, computers or information communication technology (ICT) jobs, choose the approach that suits you best.

  • Hospitality jobs
  • Hospitality is an app that covers restaurants and restaurants catering companies. Often friends can find such a job. At this point, try to going with a written summary of yourself and your experience . In the first instance, the owner or manager may reject you. But they will keep your copy of summary and will call you back to work when needed.If you choose to work in a restaurant or in a coffee shop you can do the wash dishes, waiter or help in the kitchen.
  • If you are looking for work in a restaurant or coffee shop, owning a hygiene license will be an added asset to your CV. Restaurant owners and managers are often prefer to recruit students who already have a hygiene passport.
  • ICT jobs.

There are huge job opportunities in the ICT industry and higher salaries. Software programmers and IT students working in the areas of digitalization, artificial intelligence, and data, in general, tend to find a good-paying part-time job while studying analytics and robotics.

You can find many part time jobs through internet searches

Job announcements are published on job seeking websites and companies’ websites. The government job search portal is called TE Services. Personal job search pages include Monster, Barona, Adecco and The Hub.

There are many part-time jobs that do not have internet content

Employers have set aside two break of the year to hire new staff for part-time jobs that aren’t online. the time before the winter break (December) and the time before the summer break. If it is possible to apply for a job within these two periods, you can benefit.

Where to find part time jobs?

  • MyCareerHub,
    When looking for a part-time job, make sure you always choose a active approach. Job vacancies and employer databases are available here. Be sure to check it regularly as it is updated daily.
  • MyCareerHub Recruitment agencies,

Using a recruiting agency is a popular method of finding part-time jobs.

  • Using recruiting agencies,

When shops, bars, restaurants and cafes staff need more staff, it is normal to advertise. But be aware of these ads during busy times like festivals.

  • Local newspapers and job sites,
  • Jobs today,
  • Ask around,
    Go to the shops, bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and libraries and ask if they need any staff.

What are good part time jobs?

As a student, you can work part-time only in the evenings and on weekends. The best thing is to find a part-time job that will in some way contribute to your future career.

Teacher’s Assistant
This job involves teaching and supporting students, creating lesson plans, updating paperwork, and entering student grades. Applicants must have at least one year of university or college experience and large organizational skills. In addition, applicants must have experience with the course.

Server or Bartender
Most of the work is done at night and on weekends. The hourly wage is not a big deal, but clients and bartenders are rewarded with tips.

Uber Driver
One of the most popular jobs among students. You must be 21 years old to become a driver of a rideshare company that connects motorcycle riders with a smartphone app. Having a reliable car and a smartphone is a fun job you can do whenever you want. Of course your income depends on the number of times you drive.

Are you interested in some subjects? Do you like teaching others? If your answer is yes, then teaching may be a good fit for you. You can teach in primary schools, universities, or anything in between. You can choose to do this independently .

Freelancer can mean freelance writer, free web designer, free graphic designer. You can basically work freely in any industry. This is a great option for you if you like to write or edit. Not only can you decide on the topic you’re writing about, but you can also decide where you want to write it and when it’s at home or elsewhere.

Do you enjoy spending time with children and have experience in childcare? If so, you may be a part-time nanny. This means taking them to school, coming home with them, preparing meals, sleeping and having fun.

How to work two part time jobs?

Working in two jobs requires a strategic planning Two part-time jobs.
It can be a good short-term solution to a financial problem, but it is not the best long-term solution.
It’s not fun to finish one job and move on to the next. It can take you off your social life and make you physically tired.
If you accept a second job, you must plan your time carefully. You need to have a long-term plan to remedy this situation.
When choosing your second job you should consider all the options available and if you have the skills you should try to find a job that pays well above the minimum wage.
Look at your first part-time job skills and see if you can apply them to your second-part-time job, and at the same time you should look for a good-paying job.
Freelancing is a great way to earn more money than an hour.
This can be easy to do if you are setting up a schedule for your second job when you have two jobs. It allows you to schedule errands and chores on specific days and also gives you to plan and spend time with your friends.

You have to take care of yourself physically. Make sure you eat well and exercise, especially if you plan to do this for more than three months. If you do not balance your productivity effectively, it will take you a long time to benefit from the second job.
Put all the money you earn from your second job directly into your financial goals.
Keep track of your expenses with the income from the second job.
If you don’t see any improvement in your goals after you take the second job, you should evaluate whether the job is worth it or not.
You need to make sure there are no conflicts of interest with your first job and second job. This means that you have to tell your manager that you are working a second job.
Do not let the second job encroach on the quality of your work performance of your first job. Since your first job provides you with benefits and a larger paycheck, it should always take precedence over your second job.

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