Knee pain will end with one injection

Knee pain will end with one injection (Cortisone injection)

People will get relief from the problem of knee pain that has become common in the life of running race. Now neither the need to take pain medicine daily nor the hassle of getting a knee operation done, only one injection will end the knee pain. In the next slide, know how long this injection will come in the market.

IIT BHU and IMS BHU have solved this problem in five years of research. Research has been tested on mice. It remains to be tested on humans. IIT BHU’s School of Biochemical Engineering and IMS’s Orthopedic Department has designed a cartilage tissue repair product to relieve people from knee pain.

A reactor machine has also been built to prepare it. Cartilage tissue found in the knee is made artificially with the help of this machine. It is a living cell in a way. Explain that due to a defect in the cartilage tissue found in the knee, the problem of knee pain comes.

IIT BHU’s Prof. Pradeep Srivastava said that there is chondrocyte cell in the knee in which blood is not found. In such a situation, when the knee is bad, the cells stop forming due to lack of blood. In this situation, new cartilage tissues are installed after performing a knee operation.

In the reactor machine we have made, we prepare this cell as a medicine, which will be injected to the patient as an injection. Both the cartilage tissue repair product and the reactor machine have been patented. In research, Prof. of the Orthopedics Department of IMS. Amit Rastogi, Dr. Bhisham Narayan Singh, Dr. Sharda Malik have also supported.

IIT BHU, Professor of School of Biochemical Engineering. Pradeep Srivastava said that such research has not been done anywhere in the world. This is the reason that the company of Australia and Finland has come forward for manufacturing this product of ours. It is expected that it will be launched in the next one year.

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