Let's manage this time for the baby

Let’s manage this time for the baby

Now children’s routines are starting to get messy. Parents need to coordinate school, homework, teacher assignments, play with project work, and watch TV.

Children, on the other hand, are now beginning to forget about modern equipment. They spend hours on laptops, mobiles, TVs, and tablets. They also spend time playing video games or watching cartoons. In such cases, managing the time for the child is challenging.

We have seen / suffered, waking up the baby in the morning, getting dressed in school, doing homework in the evening, and sleeping. In fact, we are not able to set the right schedule for the baby. As a result, the baby’s diary is disturbed.

When a child’s diarrhea develops, it can affect their distant future. Now they are confused, not to be organized tomorrow. Therefore, the child should be accustomed to the right routine from now on, so that they are organized and comfortable.

Sleeping and waking table

Let’s set up a baby’s bed and bedtime. You should sleep as fast as possible at night. The baby’s bedtime should be set at 6 or 6 hours. In this way, the baby should be woken up after 3/4 hours of sleep at night. Or, get up early.

As long as the baby is asleep, let other family members also set the bed. Trying to watch your TV or talk and force your child to talk may not be so rewarding. So let the baby go to bed and get up on his own schedule. It’s a benefit not just for the baby but for yourself.

Dining table

The baby should be fed four or five times a day. Let us divide time accordingly so that they do not become indigestible and not hungry. That is, let us provide food for a certain period of time. Breakfast, dinner, breakfast after breakfast. Let’s set a table like this.

This causes the baby to eat at certain times. It is beneficial for their health. At the same time it also works effectively in time management.

To play or to entertain

When setting a child’s daily schedule, they must set aside time for playing or entertaining. Let’s set aside extra time for them to play after returning home in the evenings in the morning. And, let’s get as inspired as possible in an outdoor game for this. Let’s discourage mobile, laptop games.

In addition, you should watch TV at certain times after homework or reading. Television programs or cartoon channels are useful on TV, tailored to the psychology of the child.

Reading and doing homework

Let us also set a daily schedule for reading and homework. The time after playing in the evening is well worth it. Some parents force their child to return home from school. Those who attend school need some time rest. That teaching is not effective when they spend all day in school reading to them immediately.

Parents should understand that homework or reading is not for the teacher. Is for understanding or knowing oneself. So it is not necessary to rush it. When a child is stressed out, he needs time to do homework or reading.

Why not do it?

Family Meeting

Let’s have a family meeting this weekend. At the meeting, tell your children that the routine of school time to bed time is different now. Tell them in detail what to do now. You should be reminded that everything must be done before going to bed at night.

Ensure the result

Let’s make rules about what to do when kids come home from school. Such as shoes, jackets, or bags. Empty the lunch box and water bottle. Then sit down to do homework. Also tell them what will happen if they do not do their job.

The baby’s wishes for a while

Sometime before the evening, let the children play for themselves. If there is a lot of excitement in the baby then you should give him some cycling for a while. However, for this too limited time should be allocated.

Separation of homework

It’s best to split the homework into two or three parts. Homework can be done up to 7 times before going to bed. Make sure you have a basket or a small space where baby needs are kept. Here, too, keep the child’s belongings that they must show to their parents. Teacher’s notes, information on school events. Doing so can avoid morning tension.

After dinner

Don’t watch TV or use mobile after dinner. At this time it is time for the little ones to go to bed. At this time the children should be prepared for the bag in the morning. Make sure the kids go to bed. Also let us get up at certain times in the morning.

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